SP River PAL is a non-profit association whose mission is to be involved with projects that protect, beautify and encourage safe enjoyment of the Wisconsin River and the waterfront through Prairie du Sac and Sauk City.  We believe that only by individuals, groups and communities working together can it be ensured that river projects will benefit the residents, businesses, visitors and natural habitat of the river.

What is SP River PAL?

Why did SP River PAL come into being?

The association grew out of a group of individuals who formed the Sauk Prairie River Project Task Force in 1996 under the guidance of the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce, when the development of the Pedestrian and Bike Path through Sauk Prairie was most recently introduced. The association became a place for community groups and businesses whose activities cross paths with the river to come together, network, help each other as able. In order to best achieve some of our goals, we decided to pursue becoming an independent non-profit entity.

Who is involved in SP River PAL?

Anyone interested in life along the river can be an active member. We currently have active members from the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce, the Wisconsin River Clean-up Committee, the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council, Sauk Prairie Area Historical Society, local businesses, civic groups, and landowners along the river.

We currently do not have membership dues.  Any financial requests are for programs and projects that celebrate appreciation of life along the river.  We do encourage financial and volunteer support of river projects through contributions of time and/or funds to the Sauk Prairie Area Historical Society, Ferry Bluff Eagle Council, August Derleth Society, the Wisconsin River Clean-up Committee and SP River PAL.