Adopt-a-River Bank Mini-Projects Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mini-Project?

A mini-project is designed for a single individual or small group.  Mini-Projects can be done in a shorter amount of time, depending, of course, on the folks doing the work!

What are the current Mini-Projects

This is the current list of mini-projects:

  1. While the path is required to be handicap accessible, the rocks around the benches turn out to be a bit of a problem.  They need replacing!

    We could use a "landscaping" plan here--at least a plan for how to lay out another material, like bricks, that would allow wheels to roll smoothly. Each bench could have a different material or pattern.  The project could be done one bench at at time too!
  2. Improving the signs at the entrances to the path on Water Street to increase pedestrian safety.

    Children were asked one year to photograph areas of concern with respect to safety issues.  Once of the path entrances showed up among the pictures!

    Are you interested in pedestrian safety issues?  We've got a project for you!
  3. Make a Kiosk Information Display!  There are lots of topics that are candidates for going up on our Kiosk:  bald eagle habitat, fish species that can be found in the river, the history of the river & how we've been impacted by it, the native plants found in the park.

    We would love to have you come with a suggestion of a display of your own or choose one of ours.  Check out the specifics and let us know if you want to provide a display!

Who can Adopt-a-Mini Project?

Anyone!  We've had some of these projects, and others suggested to us, become Eagle Scout Projects, projects for Join Hands Day, & Make a Difference Day.

Why Should I Adopt-a-Mini Project?

Mini-Projects provide us with a way to actively take ownership of our community, it's parks and the riverbank in general..  It's a statement by you, that you care about how our community looks, how it functions, and what is important to it.

Who pays for the Project?

SP River PAL raises funds throughout the year so we will have sufficient funds to accomplish our projects.  Some funds are immediately available to do some of the projects.

How do I Adopt-a-Mini Project?

Contact us!  We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Is There Paperwork Involved?

Yes, but it's only a little bit.  The paperwork allows us to keep track of the volunteer hours and funds spent on the Adopt-a-River Bank Program.  We use this information to determine who goes on the donor board in August Derleth Park, and to support grant writing for park improvement funding.