Kiosk Custodian

The information on the kiosk in August Derleth Park is the responsibility of the Parks & Trails Committee of SP River PAL. There are four sides to this kiosk: (1) the Adopt-a-River Bank Donor Board; (2) a map of the Bike & Pedestrian Path, along with information dedicated to the path and the park; and two sides for topical informational displays.

The Kiosk Custodian will:

  1. Put the prior year’s donor plaques on the donor board, in a timely fashion.
  2. Renew & update the park map whenever it is required.
  3. Maintain the park's trail map, adding any interesting information (when it is available) and replacing/repairing the map when necessary..
  4. Replace the informational displays on the remaining two sides on a regular basis with displays within the guidelines listed below.
  5. Recruit organizations and/or individuals to assist with the creation of informational displays.
  6. Keep the kiosk in good repair.
  7. Provide a recommended budget to the P&T chair covering the above list.

The Kiosk Custodian will report to the P&T chair.

Kiosk Displays

Informational Display Guidelines: